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What to Expect in counseling

There will be Prayer at the beginning of every session. 

 Skills that Joy has through her extensive training with a masters in Counseling. You will work together to discover Patterns, walls and defense mechanism that have kept you separated from true intimacy and relationships.

  Focus areas in sessions:

   -Working though personal and family secrets.

   -Past pains

   -and gaining a sense of purpose while restoring relationships.

There is a sliding pay scale for those that are concerned about cost. (please contact to her to get details)



Experienced in working with marriage, children, adolescents, and adults : Issues of attachment, abuse, addictions, depression, anxiety and grief.

Building a trusting relationship in counseling leads to reshaping of significant emotional experiences, builds self-confidence and inner wholeness.  It is the very process of self revealing and trust building that can be the avenue of your healing.  

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